Is India promoting Sustainable Agriculture in the country?

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Yesterday I read an article about healthy techniques of cultivation and farming, I want some information that is Indian government promoting sustainable agriculture in the country?

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  1. kate

     Agriculture industry, world over has experienced a phenomenal success in India since the mid-twentieth century. The success, driven by Green Revolution technology, has made an important dent on total supply of food grains, determining food security to the growing population. The next step of agricultural development however, faces a significant challenge in terms of sustainability. However the major problem faced by the developing countries in the south pertains to sustainability of resource use.
    In order to introduce and promote sustainable agriculture and organic farming government introduced several policies. Infect a great work is required in the country to lift the agriculture to a level where it is least affected by vagaries of monsoon and needs little from outside the farm, i.e., lesser dependence on chemical fertilizers and water.
    India can safely be ranked as an agricultural country despite the recent spurt in manufacturing and services and the educing share of agriculture in the national income, since a great number of its workforce are still associated in agriculture and allied jobs. It has been the healthy profession in India since the time immemorial and has been bringing out on sustainable basis. It relatively current process that large-scale forest areas, grazing lands and waste lands have been converted into croplands to facilitate the rising population, which has brought ecological imbalance and climatic pollution. In India land efforts have been made to increase the production of food grains using high-production variety of seeds, fertilizers and irrigation along with advanced farm machineries.

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