Is Fantage Better Than Moshi Monsters?

by XxXPuDdYLoVeXxX  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I want to know if Fantage is better than Moshi Monsters because I want to be a member of either of these games please say your votes. And please don't say bad words I'm only 9 years old. Thank U for your service.

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  1. Guest24000383

     fantage is way better all of yall quitmoshi monsters fantage rocks!!!!! im a mem on fantage

  2. Sash

     Fantage is actually a massively multiplayer online role-playing game which involves a virtual world that contains a range of online games and activities. Players are able to customize their cartoon avatars from hair color to clothes and explore a town-like virtual world.
    Moshi Monsters is a social networking online game and virtual pet site targeted at children aged 5 to 16. The player adopts and cares for a pet monster, solving educational puzzles which lead to rewards which can be used as currency to buy items for the adopted monster.
    So this will will you a brief idea about the games so that you can decide which ever you want to join. I personally think that Fantage is for older kids and has more in it to do than Moshi Monsters, but the Monsters are adorable and the Moshi Monsters game is quite addictive as well.

  3. Guest22916229

    fantage is way better cause u can go where ever u want to go moshimonsters u cant go to certain places i think fantage is totally awsome!!!

  4. Guest22705509

    moshi monsters is way beter if you see this message send a friend request to ashlie368 on moshi monsters

  5. Guest22508875

    moshi monsters is better! :)

  6. Guest22372852

    Personaly I think moshi monsters and fantage are kinda tied because on fantage you send notes to a memo on other peoples accounts and on moshi monsters can send notes so thats the same and on fantage you can walk around and on moshi monsters, if you enter monstro city you can walk too. So you should become a member on both but if you can only pick one, follow this message and your heart!

  7. Guest22364410

    fantage. moshi monsters is sort of boring

  8. Guest22353215


  9. Guest22105754

    I pesonaly think Fantage is better on Fantage you can walk around and see if people are online and it is a little bit excitinger than MoshiMonsters.

  10. Guest21779216

    wich id better fanatge or moshi monsters?I play both of those games i wonder I think it would be a tie.

  11. Guest21489794
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  12. Guest21086450
    hi um i have something else to say some game site just like fantage penguin,safakaworld,weeworld,woozworld,moshimonsters,allgirlarcade oh and if u want to register at!!!! gir go game register now!!!! thats a place where u play lot of game for girls so bye hope that helped.:D
  13. Guest21086450
    fantage is better then moshi monsters because u dont have to be a member to go in the vip room theres a cheat step 1: go to top modle step2 go up and down till ur close to the vip room sign step 3click home fast so ya then ur in:D hope that answered ur questain
  14. XxXPuDdYLoVeXxX
    I think fantage is better than Moshi Monsters or the other way not sure not sure.

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