Is Cornerstone christian correspondence school diploma accreditated?

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Hi there

I am almost done and I think I should have asked this question before joining them. Will it now come good for me in Georgia? Answer me as soon as possible, as I am looking out for some good answer here. I hope you will answer me as quick as you can.


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  1. John


    I am very sorry to inform you that it is not accredited here in Georgia. You know there are different institutes and universities which are not accredited. I know it will become the biggest disappointment for you when you come to know that Cornerstone Christian correspondence school diploma is not accredited.

    But it is not the end of the world, I know it is quite difficult to start from a scratch but you need a head start. This is the only option left here. So do not lose hope, you can do it. But make sure the institute you are choosing in future is well accredited. So no hard feelings and still you have time to do it again.

    I hope you can understand it very well, as I have told you what the actual situation is. Keep in touch with me and do ask anything related to accreditation in Georgia. I will let you know if you are planning to take admission in some other institute.

    Once again I feel sorry for your disappointment but there is nothing you can do now, as the diploma is not accredited.

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