Is Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School diploma a real diploma?

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  1. Guest28264698
    I have a diploma from cornerstone and I am also unable to attend college and that's not fair I wasted my money just for a piece of paper with my name on it.....i have called the school and was told that I would have to find a community college that accepts my diploma why is it I have to find a community college to attend why cornerstone don't have a list of schools that accept their diplomas... I am calling the BBB on them....

  2. Guest27931759

    this is a big scam and they try to use "Christian" to make it sound good. any accredited education programs have .edu on the end of the website. even the website itself look fake.

  3. Guest27861330

    I gt one an I use it at Martin Community College in Williamston Nc bt I wanted 2 go online 2 Everetts online classes bt they dont except cornerstone high school diplomas.

  4. Guest25008027

    So what college did your sister attend with that high school diploma? Because i been trying since 2006 and haven't had any luck so far.

  5. Guest24907469

    I have one and I did get into Carolinas College of Health Sciences and I completed that degree but when I wanted to go futher for my nursing degree I couldnt get in with it so now I,m having to go to the Adult GED program at that community college before it is considered a legit diploma so no I wouldnt recommend getting this Diploma because it isnt accepted at hardly any colleges!!!!!!!! Such a big dissapointed and they should be ashamed for claiming to be an accredited school because the truth is you are wasting your time and money with this diploma especially if you plan on furthering your education, for a job a low paying job yeah its ok but to get into a good college its just a fake peice of paper!!!!!!!!!!! Heather : (

  6. lyls14

  7. Guest24892989

    this school is a fake it has caused my son so much trouble. he did 2 years at college graduated with honors then tried for his bachelors and was told his diploma was a fake. hes also lost several jobs from this c**p school and we are bringing a civil suit against them so ppl do some investigating before throwing money and time away

  8. Guest24292458

    how does this work

  9. Guest23189702

    do cornerstone christian correspondence school have college that i can go to cause the other college would not accept mine diploma from cornerstone.


  10. Guest22804965

    they need to be put in jail for this scam.

  11. Guest22481137

     i have cornerstone high school diploma i have checked online at differant colleges and havent found one that will accept it yet

  12. Guest22356493

     I got one from them. It states it is accredited, it has the stamp on it. I got mine in 2007. If it's fake how are they being able to use the accredited seal on them?

  13. Guest20599883
    no it's a fake as diploma there just out to get people money like they got mine i can't get into nurseing school anywhere. IT'S BULLSHIT
  14. Guest15931327
    I would like to know it cornerston diploma is real and would any university accept this diploma in any state
  15. Guest15854620
    i will like my high school diploma
  16. Guest15527470
    no i don't think so because i have it and it's not accepted in any of the collage where i live.
  17. Guest15525220
    I have a diploma from Cornerstone. You can't get into most universities or local colleges unless you go to trade colleges such as 1-2 year certificate programs in certain fields. If you need a diploma for a job though it is real and will work.
  18. Guest15522179
    It is a real diploma, both me and my sister has one from them. We both live in different states and I havent used my diploma to enter a college yet but she has. And it was totally fine.
  19. Guest15467855
    I work for a college in Ohio and we will not accept it because it is not national accredited throught the department of education.

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