Is Bahria University recognized by The Government of Pakistan?

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I am looking for information on Bahria University, so does anyone have an idea about the affiliation of Bahria it recognized by the Government of Pakistan?

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  1. Jacob

    Bahria University is recognized by the Government of Pakistan. Bahria University is federally charted and recognized according to the Presidential Ordinance # V of 2000. Bahria University is one of the leading educational institutes in the federal capital of Pakistan. It also has a campus in Karachi.
    Bahria University was established on 7th of February 2000, with a vide vision to operate an educational system capable of providing state of the art facilities to impart education to the people of Pakistan. It is a multi-campus university, committed to the attainment of the highest standards of teaching, learning and research. The scholars and professionals it produces are to religiously follow the truth, civility and integrity.
    With its headquarters at Islamabad, the other campus and constituent units of Bahria University are located at Karachi. Campuses buildings are custom built with the most modern state of the art facilities, high tech computer/electronic laboratories and well stocked libraries allowing free internet access ability. Constituent units at Karachi include BU Medical & Dental College (BUM&DC), Institute of Professional Psychology (IPP), National Center for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR). A most orderly and peaceful academic environment is maintained at all the Campuses.


  2. Education Expert

    Yes According to my information Bahria University is recognized and is federally charted University as per Presidential Ordinance # V of 2000.

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