Who invented the game of basketball?

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Basketball is famous team sports game in our world. I want to know that who invented the game of basketball in which year. Can someone tell me about it?

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  1. Judi

    Naismith was the eldest progeny of Margaret and John Naismith, two Scottish immigrants. His mother, Margaret Young, was born in 1833 and immigrated as the fourth of 11 young children to Lanark County, Canada in 1852. His dad, John Naismith, was born in 1836, left Europe when he was 18 and furthermore resolved down in Lanark County. James Naismith was the Canadian personal learning teacher who created basketball in 1891. James Naismith was born in Almonte, Ontario and educated at McGill University and Presbyterian College in Montreal.
    He was the personal learning educator at McGill University and at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts from 1890 to 1895. At Springfield College, which was then the Y.M.C.A. teaching school, James Naismith, under the main heading of American physical education expert Luther Halsey Gulick, created the inside games of basketball. The first prescribed directions were developed in 1892. Initially, players dribbled a soccer ball up and down a court of unspecified dimensions.
    Points were acquired by setting down the ball in a peach basket. Iron hoops and a hammock-style basket were presented in 1893. Another ten years passed, although, before the discovery of open-ended snares put an end to the perform of manually retrieving the ball from the basket each time a aim was scored. In 1959, James Naismith was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame called the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame.


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    I invented it today.

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