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I am having a final round interview/assessment centre with KPMG next week, and as part of the selection process, I have to give a 10 min presentation to a Partner. HELP!

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     As part of an extended interview/selection centre you may be asked to give a short presentation. The purpose is not to test your subject knowledge, but to see how well you can speak in public. Many interviewers make up their minds about candidates in just the first few minutes of your presentation.
    Smile, make eye contact with the interviewers and avoid panicking.
    Take a hard copy of your presentation as a backup if your slides fail to load.
    At the introduction brief them what your presentation will be about, the aims and objectives.
    The Middle should outline your argument or develop your storyand Use graphics or anecdotes to add variety.
    Briefly summarise your main points and answer the questions intelligently

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