How Internship will help m in my career?

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hello, please tell me that how Internship will help m in my career.thanks.

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  1. kate

    Internships will help you in gaining knowledge about general work and the basic functions of industries and fields that may be of interest to you. Many times an internship will give you a chance to explore and create work experiences tailored according to your specific interests and goals. Internship will give you a chance to create new contacts that can help you answer questions about potential careers and even help you in finding that important first full-time job after your graduation.
    An internship also facilitate you in building a vital career-related skills, for instance organizational, written and interpersonal communication skills, and internship experience is fast becoming a must have for getting a full-time position after graduation. An excellent academic background is always a positive point for you, but it is not enough to represent whether or not a candidate would be good in a specific work situation.
    Employers expect a strong team member to possess confidence, excellent communication skill, problem-solving techniques and the ability to work well with others in groups. Most importantly an internship helps you something to talk about during job interviews and gives a way to prove your importance to an employer. The trick to talk about a actual life business experience and presents your skills during a job interview is extremely valuable. But it is suggested that obtaining a meaningful internship and getting the most out of it set your internship goals, that how you think that your internship will help you in developing a good career-related experiences.

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