Interior features of Honda civic sedan

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Anyone knows the interior features of Honda Civic Sedan 2011 model. Please share it to with me! I hope you can share it!

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  1. Judi

    Following information about the Interior features of Honda civic sedan:
    The Civic LX features a 160-watt audio system with 4 speakers, while the EX model and up offers a 6-speaker system. A USB Audio Interface plays your tunes while it keeps your portable music device fully charged (LX and up).
    Civic EX and EX-L models feature the factory installed Bluetooth Hands Free Link communication tool. This feature allows you to use your mobile phone that has the hands-free profile without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. The system has voice recognition capability that will store up to 50 contacts per phone within the system.
    One thing every Civic driver has in common the need to maximize mpg. The Honda Eco Assist feature helps you accomplish the task with helpful blue and green "coaching bars" on either side of the speedometer.
    Just push the big green button, there be a quicker and easy way to save fuel. In ECON mode, the Civics’ engine and other energy-consuming systems are automatically configured to operate more efficiently.
    A new feature of the available navigation system, FM Traffic alerts you to current traffic conditions, and can help guide you around heavy traffic and show alternate routes.
    The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System is here to help. With voice recognition, it provides convenient directions using a series of 24 global positioning satellites, plus 10 million points of interest.


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