Interior design and features of 2011 Jaguar XJ XJL Super sport

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Is there anyone who can help me with the details about interior design and features of the 2011 Jaguar XJ XJL Super sport? I need the answer of my query urgent, waiting for your quick response.

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  9. Duke

    The Jaguar XJ's interior is superb; there's actually no other way to explain it. Not only is the design exclusive and appealing from an aesthetic viewpoint, but its craftsmanship and components value are a step after this currently outstanding league. Parallels to Bentley would not be unwarranted. Supple leather covers not only the seats, but most of the dash and doors. Rich timber trim covers round the interior as if it were a structural element. Tastefully directed chrome, piano-black trim and ice-blue lighting farther designed this cabin fit for royalty. Plus, with myriad hue alternatives, it's so straightforward to equip the XJ in any way you desire.
    In-car electronics are overridden by a large touch screen, which works OK, but isn't as fast to function as screen-and-k**b systems like BMW's iDrive. Processing pace is furthermore on the slow side. The equipment section is in detail a big LCD, and adapts to distinct going by car scenarios and in-use vehicle purposes (navigation, for instance).
    As before, the regular-length XJ's backseat is on the little side. If you frequently have backseat travelers, pacing up to one of the L models is decisively a good idea. The Jag's lower roof line presents sufficient headroom for most inhabitants, but travelers will seem less like they're in a limousine than they would in competitors. Trunk space is an average 15.2 cubic feet.

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