Interior Design and Special Features of 2011 BMW 3 series coupe

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Please tell me about the Interior Design and Special Features of 2011 BMW 3 series coupe. One of my friends is planning to buy a new 2011 BMW 3 series coupe; he is looking for the details about Interior Design and Special Features of 2011 BMW 3 series coupe. Please help me with complete and comprehensive details.

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  1. Angelina

     "The 2011 BMW 3 Series interiors will be well renowned to any individual who has expended time in a BMW product. Classic analog measures, shrewd ergonomics and a held back general aesthetic blend to conceive a pleasing going by car natural environment, though there's less visual pizzazz here than in some rivals.
    The groundwork chairs are snug and supportive, while the Sport package's purpose-built chairs are even more so. Materials and construct value are exceptional; even the benchmark leatherette (vinyl) upholstery examines and feels better than one would expect. The convertible's accessible heat-reflective cowhide does a magnificent job of holding occupants' posteriors cool. The lately advanced iDrive electronics interface that arrives with the optional navigation scheme is intuitive and one of the best interfaces of its kind.
    The back chairs are amply roomy for mature individuals on shorter journeys, but bigger travelers will deplore that their heads are packed into the roof. Trunk space is mean in sedans and coupes, while the wagon boasts a greatest cargo capability of 61 cubic feet. The convertible boasts a sensible cargo contain when the hardtop is up, but predictably shrinks substantially when the peak is lowered."

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