Interior Design and Special Features of 128i BMW

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I want to buy 128i BMW, could you tell me some information about Interior Design and Special Features of 128i BMW, I really need this information, please help me thanks.

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  1. kate

     The 1 Series is created as a four-seater , the rear seats are considered as perfect to left the children, very petite adults or, more precisely, groceries or luggage. The convertible provides even less room, but compared with other compact coupes and convertibles, the BMW 1 Series' lack of space isn't especially out of the ordinary. The coupe's reduced -sized trunk keeps 13 cubic feet of luggage.
    Many of the vehicle's interior materials are consistent with those of its larger and more lavishly utilized siblings. The convertible's optional sun-reflective leather seating, for example, is a luxurious touch not often available in the compact luxury part. But the seat manufacturing on the base of models lacks the superior touch and support of more expensive BMWs. However the advancement in the seats that come with the sport package are much more comfortable and supportive for use.
    Additionally the complete design is a little mixture, but the center stack and the other controls are simple and easy to operate. The addition of optional navigation system also begets the infamous iDrive interface, and it is constructed in a way that is more user-friendly. A series of buttons applied frequently are used to operate different functions now surround the iDrive control k**b and redesigned menus are more logically laid out.

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