Instructions to write a Letter of Intent

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One of my very good friends is wondering about the details how To Write a Letter of Intent, please help us.

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     "Writing a note of intent is alike to composing a cover note for your resume. However, notes of intent are equipped more in the direction of scholar programs or entry-level positions.
    Here is a rudimentary note of intent template:
    1. Determine the title and address of the right individual to obtain the letter.
    2. Write the note utilizing the proper enterprise format.
    3. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph of the letter
    4. Next, recount why you are composing the letter.
    5. Now it's time to state your credentials.
    6. In the next paragraph, state some good things about the school/program.
    7. Request a response.
    8. Finish the note with ""Sincerely,"" and your signature.
    9. Keep the note to one sheet in length.
    10. Proofread.
    11. Revise and let other ones glimpse it.
    12. Make an exact duplicate of your note before dispatching it."

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