Beneath the earth’s surface.

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What will happen if we drill a hole deep through the earth and remove the heat from it and throw a ball deep down, is there any way that the ball will come back or bounce back.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Here we have to take some standards and consider them to solve this problem. First we have to remove the heat and make a smooth pass through which the ball can pass. Now the force of gravity will apply till the end and the ball will keep on falling due to that force. The point of fact is that it is going to be a free fall and we are considering that there is nothing in its path that the ball will encounter, although there will be air and gases but ball being the heavier of all of them due to its mass will keep on travelling. It will eventually travel the distance till the end and when it will reach the end surface and hit it, due to the third law of motion and due to action and reaction principle it will bounce back, but here we are considering many miles distance, so although there will be a bounce back but not enough to pull the ball up.
    In other words there will not be enough force provided by the ground when the ball will hit the bottom floor to travel all the way up. Because when the ball starts moving up after hitting the ground there will be a strong gravitational force pulling the ball back, also considering a long distance against the gravitational force will not be possible. What we have to do is we have to setup a device all the way down to the ground along with the passage of the ball and this device should have enough power to pull the ball back up to the level where we want it to be.

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