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I am very fond of coin collection, actually it’s my habit. I need to know some basic Information on error 1 cent Canadian coin. Is there anyone who can help me please?

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  1. Angelina

     Calgary Coin boasts one of the most comprehensive assortments of Canadian large and little one cent coins for sale on the internet, with most designated days accessible in a kind of degrees and cost varieties for all collectors.
    The juvenile head Victorian coins, hit in 1858 and 1859 former to Confederation are British Colonial coins handed out under the Province of Canada. While almost every individual, encompassing myself, routinely mentions to them as pennies, the correct denomination is a "cent" identical to the American cent, and is really identical to the British 1/2 penny (so a penny is 2 cents). When first handed out the government had them hit to a benchmark of 100 coins to the bash of bronze other than the British benchmark of 80 coins to the bash of bronze. This made the coins disliked and badly acknowledged by the public.
    Canada was confederated as a homeland in 1867, but there was at first no require for 1 cent parts, as the government still had large supplies of un-issued 1858 and 1859 Province of Canada cents on hand. The first cent hit under the Dominion of Canada was in 1876, at which time the heaviness benchmark was increased to 80 coins to the bash of bronze convey them in line with the British 1/2 penny, and make the coins more agreeable to the public. To this day persons often call these coins a Canadian penny, this is incorrect as the one cent coins are identical to a 1/2 penny.

  2. Guest10640404
    I have a 65 cent that apears to have small over large beads, being from the U.S. and collecting lincolns, I am not familiar with Canadian varieties. Any help or a resource to a Canadian die variety site would be great. Anthony

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