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I am very much fond of diving and looking for some information about diving in Philippines. If anyone of you who knows about some places of diving in Philippines please tell me about them.

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  1. Duke

    There are over 7,100 islands surrounded by clear seas and we have hundreds of coral species and even more species of fish. Best of all, incredibly good value diving is offered in Philippines in a series of high quality comfortable resorts.
    For beginners, the Philippines provides the largest scale of Instructor care with educating accessible in all the foremost international languages. Just envisage managing your first dives on unspoiled coral reefs and glimpsing turtles, rays and an entire owner of attractive marine life. In Philippines you have muck and macro diving there which boasts magnificent photographic possibilities, the dwelling reefs round Negros and Panglao are flawless for this. Apo Island, Apo Reef and Tubbataha Reefs are places with pelagics and here you can glimpse Tuna, Sharks and schools of Jacks and Barracuda.
    There are vertical partitions at Pescador Island, Balicasag Island and Cabilao full of ocean life and excitement. At Malapascua you will find one of the couple of dive sites in the world where you have a good possibility to glimpse Thresher Sharks. Siquijor and Boracay have mild gradients and very attractive reefs. Boracay furthermore has the famed Yapak partition where large-scale Pelagics will glide past you at 30m deep. Coron is justifiably well renowned for its World War 2 wreckage, over 10 Japanese vessels lie in waters superficial sufficient for recreational divers to discover them – all set in a backdrop of astonishingly attractive scenery. On the north edge of Busuanga Island, at Dimakya isle, not only can you come to Apo Reef but you can furthermore take the opening to dive with dugongs.
    Puerto Galera has dozens of dive sites inside a very short expanse of the resorts. Perhaps the best renowned being Canyons where powerful currents will give you an exhilarating travel and Verde Island dwelling to large figures of fish. Anilao which is just a short dive from Manila is dwelling to large reefs and makes for the flawless weekend or short dive break.

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