Information about communication facilities for disaster management?

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Could you give me Information about communication facilities for disaster management? Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    Communication plays an important role in managing any disaster. It is the basic and most important in any form.
    With the passage of time, the importance of effective management of information is increasing in the disaster management sector in Asia and other countries of Pacific regions. Various countries have established disaster management information systems according to their own requirements. The applications of these systems vary from emergency response planning to short-range early warning to long-range mitigation and prevention planning. This paper is formed in three parts. The first part of the planning establishes an attempt to outline the important information needs of disaster managers in different levels of disaster cycle. The second part briefly give the review and comparison of the work that has been completed in some of the Asian countries establishing disaster management information systems for last few decades. In the third part some recommendations for integration of national, regional and international level efforts are given.
    1.0 Information Needs In Disaster Management
    The information requires of disaster managers fall into main part which are closely linked with categories of activities viz:•
    Pre-disaster activities: These activities analysis and research for improve the existing knowledge base, prevention, mitigation, risk assessment, and preparedness;
    • Post-disaster activities include response, rehabilitation and reconstruction.
    There are two main categories of disaster-related data accordingly:
    • Pre-disaster baseline data about the country and risks; and
    • Post-disaster real-time data about the impact or level of the of a disaster and the resources available to combat it.

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