Indian Cricket at its best: What is up next?

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We saw India rise to the number one slot in test cricket, then lifting the cricket world cup. I am wondering what is next for Indian cricket. I would like to know what you people think about the future of Indian cricket.

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  1. Jacob


    Well there is no doubt about the fact that India’s performance in the last couple of years in the world of cricket has been stupendous. Team India won the first ever T20 world cup back in 2007, it is currently ranked as the number one test team in the world and second best in ODI’s according to the ICC Rankings whereas two of its neighbors, Pakistan and Bangladesh, are way down in the ranking. Sri Lanka is third in ODI and 4th in the test rankings. So India has become the best in its region and the BCCI earning is so substantial that it has a lot of say in ICC as well. In other ways, everything in cricket is going India’s way at the moment.
    So the question is what is going to happen next? Well there is a famous saying everything that goes up has to come down. I have a strong feeling that team India will be seeing declining fortunes in the coming years. And I have a couple of reasons for that. IPL has taken over the entire domestic cricket of India. Anyone in India who wants to create hype about him being a cricketer needs to do something in IPL whereas the top gurus of cricket have made it clear that the real test of a player’s strength, skills, temperament and ability is test cricket not the shortest version of the game, twenty20. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and Indian cricket team’s weakest link is its bowling attack which has been so in the last two decades. So any team that has a strong inform bowling line up and works their bowling line intelligently will succeed against them. Teams to fear would be Pakistan and Sri lanka. Sri Lanka because all of us know they have proved themselves to be and Pakistan because the world cup is history now and the Pakistan-India rivalry brings the best out of them and they seem to be a totally different team against India.


  2. ZZ

    No doubt Indian cricket is at the top most level agree with you, But they lack quality bowlers and when ever there bating line up fail to perform they are going to lose that match comprehensively. India are just only capitalizing on the bating and they are not being able to produce good bowlers. In India cricket is so common that they are organizing IPL at a very big level which is included in domestic cricket. So that really helped them to gather some outstanding players who can really bat well to knock any team out from the match. But the bowling side still lack real bowlers that can change the match for India.
    Here I would like to add one more thing that the basic key to success is the hard work. The current Indian team which is being lead by Dhoni worked really hard in very aspect of game. Specially in the fielding and this fact is demonstrated in the semi-final match of world cup between India and Pakistan in which the only difference was of fielding.
    Now about the future of Indian cricket team I think they are going to be in this shape if they will be maintaining the same level of hard work to the game. Else someone else will be on the top instead of them. The only thing which they should focus on is to search for some good quality bowlers for the future cricket survival.

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