India without Sachin and Sri Lanka without Murali.

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Will India be equally strong without Sachin Tendulkar and Sri Lanka lethal as ever without Muralidharan?

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  1. James Augustus

    It is reality that one day both indian and sri lankan teams will be playing without Sachin and Murali. So if both Sachin and Murali do not play in the ICC Cricket World Cup, the performance will not be affected so much. India and Sri Lanka have very talented cricket players who can fill their gap easily.

  2. ZZ

     Both of these players are just about to leave international cricket very soon Murlidharan already announced that this final will be the last match in which he is going to show magical and lethal spin show. 

    And most probably Sachin will also say farewell to international cricket soon after achieving the 100 centuries landmark. 
    so both the things India without Sachin and Sri Lanka without Murali will soon be there and then legends like these cannot be easily replaced. 
    Well done to both of them in dominating the name of Asia in Cricket. 

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