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Thank you for your answer but I am somewhat confused.

My friend and I wanted to a film a movie and submit it to cablevision. Is that still considered an indie film? The thing about the scenes, I also have a question about. Is there any speaking in indie films or is it more like a slideshow? What do you mean by this should be shot before 9am? Was it just for that shot or for every indie film? I am sorry to be a pesk but if there is any way you could give me a site to go to watch an indie film, could you please give me that.



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  1. John

    Dear Jake

    Thank you for writing back, it is good to hear some things I could improve on. Yes, the film you would like to submit would be an indie film. Yes, Indie films do not differ in the actual scenes when watched, for it is just like watching a movie. The only difference is that the scene is filmed in less time than it takes to film a scene in a feature film. For example, what I meant by 9am is, the crew of the Indie film could shoot the scene in an hour, whereas a feature film might take a whole day to shoot the same amount of footage. An Indie film is not a slideshow, it is just like a real movie but shot with a lower budget, not as internationally known, and does not usually go to international theaters.

    Thanks, Jake! I hope this answers your question. Sorry for confusing you, it’s always good to hear things I can improve on though. Here is a link for a trailer of an Indie Film.

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