InFocus ScreenPlay 4800 - high pitched noise

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A couple of nights ago my faithful InFocus ScreenPlay 4800 (purchased in about 2003) commenced making a high pitched 'screaming' sound. I turned it off by normal shut-down procedure, and re-started it to find the same sound (yet possibly a little louder) so turned it off again. Last night I checked the lamp housing filters; one was spotless, the other had what looked like fine lint, so I carefully vacuumed it. I started it again to find no apparent change, so again turned it off. Note that the image was not affected in any way. The noise was similar to brushes having worn to the spring/s, yet suspect that it would have brush-less motors. Can you advise the likely causes and method/s of remedy? I suspect it is going to be the colour wheel bearings... are these replaceable? And can a service manual be obtained to assist with dismantling, etc? This has been such a great projector! Thank you. Kind regards, Brad

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