Who was in tidal pool in movie The Vikings?

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I have a very little knowledge about the movie The Vikings. In the movie The Vikings, was it Tony Curtis or Kirk Douglas in the crab-nipping tidal pool. Please tell me who starred in this movie?


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    Well I just got a heads up on it. Tony Curtis was playing the role of Erik and he was the one who was in the tidal pool because of his wrong doing. The whole thing was started when Erick (Tony Curtis) attacks Einar, and in the result just take out one of his eyes. No doubt, Erik was saved from a very cruel punishment (execution) when the tribal shaman Kitala says that Odin will curse whoever kills him.

    Erik was punished to be left alone in a tidal pool. In the sequence to this tidal pool he calls out of help and rescued by Odin. And as a result the wind came out from somewhere and just shifts the tidal away.

    He was fortunate enough to be saved. But he was kept as a slave by Egbert. I guess it is enough to know about, what you have asked so far. I think you are satisfied now. The most important thing which I remember from that movie was Tony Curtis saying my fodda in a thick Brooklyn accent. Did not sound like a little Viking boy, at all.

    I hope you are satisfied now, as I have given you the details about the scene.


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