In corel draw 11, I use to be able to left double click on the jpg.....

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and it would open it into corel photo-paint 11 and then I could clean it up easily and now when I do that I get the shape tool. Can anyone help me? I need to clean up some art for a project and can't seem to work with it even with the launch button or opening it seperate and trying.

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    Open, read, extract, scan, recover coreldraw images with the aid of next source

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, Corel Draw is a popular graphic design program with applications ranging from Web design to fine art. There are numerous proprietary file extensions used by this software, and different types of Corel Draw files must be accessed in different ways. Some files can only be opened from within the Corel Draw software interface, and of these, some will load automatically. Other Corel Draw files can be opened from within the software or directly from the file folders in which they're located. 1. Explore your computer for Corel Draw vector image files and template files. By default, these files appear within the folders contained in the C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Draw directory. To access these, double-click the My Computer icon and navigate to this directory. If you installed Corel Draw in a different directory, look there instead. 2. Open any Corel Draw vector image files or template files by simply double-clicking on them. Vector image files have the file extension .CDR and templates have the file extension .CDT. When you double-click these files, they will open almost immediately if Corel Draw is already running. If Corel Draw is not running, double-clicking these files will immediately launch the program and then open the files. Launching the program may take a minute or two. 3. Open other types of Corel Draw files through the Corel Draw software interface. To do this, launch Corel Draw, click the File menu at the top left corner of the screen and select Open. By default, Corel Draw will show you the directory where your Corel Draw files are stored. Double-clicking any file will get it to open. This includes the .CDR and .CDT files referenced above, as well as backup files (.ABK), compressed files (.CDX) and patterns (.PAT).

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