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In a past episode of "The West Wing" President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) says to Leo McGarry (John Spencer) in regards to a potential candidate for the asst. sec of education position "I am not her biggest fan and frankly, I think she is all about eve." There is no character "eve" in the series and I can only assume he is referencing something from the movie of the same name. It seemed as though it had a negative connotation but I could have misread that. Any idea what the reference means? I am without a clue.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The West Wing is an American television drama serial. It was created by Aaron Sorkin and it was broadcast on NBC from September 22,1999 to May 14, 2006. The series was filmed in White House, the Oval office and presidential senior staff was located. Warner Brother was the producer of West Wing. There were three executive producers. After Sorkin left the program, John Wells became the executive producer. I don't watch The west Wing, but All About eve was a movie, starring Bette Davis as a broad way star, and eve was a young girl who wanted to be a broad way star.

    Anne Baxter played eve. She came across as a super shy, sweet unsophisticated girl who was star struck, and just wanted to be around people. Innocent as a new born lamb. She became Bette Davis' characters' understudy, wheedled and caused friction, and seemed so not responsible for anything but trying to be helpful. She caused trouble between Bette and her husband, he friends and just about everybody, and was after Bette’s part in the play, when they finally got wise to her. She almost ruined everyone's relationships and careers.

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