How can I go for being extra in the movie?

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I want to be in the Hollywood movie, can you tell me how can I become an extra in the movie, what is the procedure by which get casted as an extra in the movie.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are many guides available In the bookstore which were written by Samuel French and you can get a complete guide on How to be a working actor.
    You can send your complete profile with resume and also include a cover letter to the directors and the agencies. After viewing your profile they can judge your competencies and then offer you the role of extra in the movie. What you can do afterwards is that you can follow up with the phone call and then you can ask about the interview days and also check the status of your application.
    Also you need to attend the interview day, and get ready for the call that agency holds up for extras. At that day they will take instant photo of you and will develop a status about height, weight and hair color and age. You must fill out necessary information and also behave in a better and professional manner.
    Usually there is only one day notice which is given so you should be ready for the call. Also work your schedules in a way that you should get ready whenever they give you a call in advance to start off work. Try to arrive early and also thank the staff member at the end of the day.

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