In Finnish Sauna , Can I make Servant have Older Ladies Naked ?

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In Finnish Sauna , Can I make Servant have Older Ladies Naked ?

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  1. Guest28438746

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  2. Guest28264409

    Mr. Ameen       Rami        Qays

    Dear Sir :

    Good Day :

    In Finnish Sauna Culture I make Civil Servant have Finnish Older ladies Naked Beautiful from:Cleaning her Buttocks Naked Beautiful In Toilet by Soap with Water after she finish from:Urine with s**t from her Buttocks Naked Beautiful , and with In Bathroom:Scrub with Washing her Body Naked Beautiful by Shampoo with Water , and with In Massage Room: make Massage Full her Body Naked Beautiful , and with drink milk from her Breast Beautiful , and with In her Bedroom In Finnsh Sauna get married me for make Sexual Intercourse Orgazem and with f*****g her Buttocks by put my p***s In her Buttocks Naked Beautiful for make Urine with c*m Dear Sir after she agree..... Dear Sir I love Finnish Older ladies Naked Beautiful very much Forever as my Mother , and I Feel very happy make Civil Seervant have them In Finnish Sauna Forever Because Finnish Sauna It's very best place take Rest with Comfortable with Older ladies Naked Beautiful and with Washer ladies Naked Beautiful Forever Dear Sir......

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