Imran Khan said he can fix Karachi problem in a 3 weeks if became governor, so my question is when n

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civilian government is powerless to accomplish any thing and Martial law is not an option then why not give him the charge in full with all the support he needs. May be he will fix the problem as he said to Dr. Shahid Masood on Wed. I strongly believe he should be given a chance because nothing can go any more wrong. How to give him a chance ? Well if media can do Dharna in Islamabad aget their demands I am sure people can do it if they want to.

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  1. Guest24244869

    Bringing peace, harmony and everything back to normal in karachi is the only agenda if someone talks about karachi or ppl of pakistan or pakistan economy in a nutshell. Whatever Imran khan offered in repect of his services must be taken symbolically. It means if someone is serious in taking care of this whole situation it can be possible in 3 weeks or 3 months and so on. In reality, we all know its not possible for current government to bring Imran khan to settle this. He articulated one of the solution to handle the karachi situation but we know this all is not in favor of our current president and neither for other ruling parties like MQM. Our nation, the people of this country need to wake up and stand firm against this mafia of corrupt people which are coming every next five years. No more spoon feeding is required for this nation in regard to whom support or not. They must choose their destiny now. 

  2. ZZ

     Well you are very right in your words as it seems that you support Imran Khan, but people know that he is just delivering jerks and there are no grounds behind his words. It is his thinking that he can do any thing in two three days but actual world is quite different. He was allowed for the dharna because Mr. Zardari wants to be president for the coming era as well, and most surely Zardari will be the next president as well. People just want to get rid if the corrupt people sitting on the top most seats but never think about there selves. The root issue is that no one wants to give way the unlawful means of earning in which our nation is indulged. It is written in Quran that your leader will be in accordance with the people. We are far away from Islam thanks to Musharaf who made Pakistan moderate which our young generation happily followed and are following Imran Khan for that very reason but here can i ask one question where is Islam. Stick to the religion and all the things will be automatically fixed. That is promise by Allah. We had become more materialistic rather then to think about the world hereafter. 

    So my friend think about making your self right and all the things will be right for you and believe in Allah, each and every thing will be destroyed except the name of Allah. 

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