How can I improve my 400 meter race?

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I am Neil and I am 15 years old. I want to know that how I can improve my 400 meter race. Can someone help me about it? Hope you can help me.

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  1. Judi

    400 meter dash is a grueling race. Too short towards be a true long-distance operate, it is also too long towards be a full sprint. Track and field author Jonathan Holloway briefs that whilst longer races require alone endurance, and true sprints rely onto acceleration, 400 runners ought profession both towards sweeten their times. A three-day rotation that works onto endurance, acceleration and a jointly workout is one mechanism for getting ready for the 400.
    Warm up with a soften one-mile jog, four laps round the track. Check your heart rate. If you're genuinely pumping, lie down until it earnings towards normal. Run short durations for approximately one mile. Sprint hundred meters, otherwise jog 200, otherwise sprint hundred and jog 200. Repeat across five cycles, and otherwise saunter the remaining hundred meters. Run long durations for four laps. Sprint 400 meters, and otherwise jog 400 meters. Repeat once.
    As you get within better mood, consult booming this pace towards six or eight laps. Cool down with halves mile towards one full mile easy jog, pursued via stretching. Run 800 yards at top speed. Time yourself for the former 400 yards. Track that moment each workout towards note your improvement. Walk one lap as your heart and breathing replace towards normal. Repeat this pace at lowest once more. Finish with a two towards three mile operates at as often towards vigorous pace


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