Impact of global warming on Pakistan

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What is the impact of global warming on Pakistan. Anyone have information about this please share it with me.

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    There are valued factors that are impinging on global warming in the region, but it is a cruel sighting that global warming will have life imperilling repercussions for Pakistan. From impinging on the rural growers sector, which is the backbone of the economy, to deforestation in the country. The agricultural ecosystem can disintegration due to global warming and connected dangers due to alarming temperature that can lead to calamities like droughts, water shortages, productivity and biodiversity loss across the world. Pakistan is confronted with biological deterioration in agro-ecosystem and it may start modification in land exercise due to pollution of farmlands by chemical sewer of the factories. Factually articulating, 70 per cent of the total land of Pakistan is positioned in arid and semi-arid regions, where droughts and loss of biological productivity are a regular phenomena in the country. Another factor is the deforestation which is the rudimentary intent for global warming, water destitution and food shortage in many parts of the world surrounding Pakistan. Pakistan is a water scarce countryside and requires modern mechanical supplies capable of retaining moisture for a prolonged time for cultivation and forestation. So much for the sultry weather envisage, global warming distributes and climatic modification occurring in our component of the world but no rung is being extracted in this regard to escape the undesirable appearances it produces and can greatly impairment the ecosystem at length.

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