How to improve my turns in Ballet dancing?

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I am a 15 year old ballet dancer, I am about to start a pre Pointe ballet class. Soon I shall start dancing on Pointe shoes. But I am having issues with my double pirouettes from fourth. Though I give perfect chaines, and piques in posse turns, but my teacher is of the view, that I should concentrate on my double pirouttes. In majority of the cases I can perform acceptable double, but at times I face problems in giving a perfect turn. Please help me with some out of the box advice and tip. Otherwise, I am already full with clichéd helps and advices.

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  1. Mitchel
     Well, looking at your description, it seems that you are in need of some extra practice. As practice will help you improve your turns, otherwise there is no chance. I would advise you to push in the downward direction, with the aid and assistance of a leg in the process of turn. Make sure that your torso pulls in an upward position, and at the same time, your lower body should push in a downward direction. This strategy has helped many ballet dancers. When your arms are raised in the 1st position, it’s best advisable they should not be raised too high. Fingers of your hand should be positioned in front of your belly button. Majority of the dancers, follow this wrong practice which you have to avoid, that is of raising arms too high during turns. You should practice your spots, for that choose a static place. If you choose a mirror, for practicing turns, try to fully view the beginning and end of your every turn in the mirror. Watch majority of your turns in the mirror, and this will allow you to spot your weak points and overcome all the problems.

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