I'm married to a man in Mexico and live in the US. How can I get a divorce without living in Mexico?

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I am a US citizen. I married my Mexican husband twice. Once in Mexico and once in the US. After we separated amicably I obtained a NY state divorce but we are still married in Mexico. There is no dispute, the divorce is uncontested and we are both willing to do whatever it takes to finalize it. The lawyers there say I have to be there at least a month to get divorced but I cannot do that for many reasons. I can be there a maximum of 2 weeks this march. What do we need to do to get divorced in Mexico? Thanks for your advice.

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  1. Shawn White
    Ok... so you already got divorced in the U.S but if you got married in mexico also you must get divorce there also. If both of you are willing to be divorced all you have to do is to go to the Mexican Civil Register Office and request it. There are lawyers or agents you can deal with who can get all the paperwork ready for you to sign and you can go and file it. once the papers have been filed you can comeback to the U.S and go back as or when required.

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