Im looking for a 11 year old girlfriend

by Tor Olav  |  7 years, 8 month(s) ago

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Im looking for a 11 year old girlfriend.
E-mail me at: or/and reply at this post!

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  1. Guest28157600
    Hi I'm 11 email me

  2. Guest28146308

     im luis berlingeri, im looking for a girlfriend, anyone wants to date me? Im 12 years old

  3. Guest28007581

     im 11 old and live n clayton, Ks will you be my boyfriend


  4. Guest27917627

     i will like to be your girlfriend and my name is alexis

  5. Guest27818161

    I'm almost 12 yrs. old. I'm looking for a guy who won't give me up for other girls. I'm 5'7 and my email is Thanks.

  6. Guest27785591

    hey im 11 and im looking for a boy that will hug me and kiss good and that is hot my number is 4179876670

  7. Guest27745357

     Hi I'm a 11 year old girl my name is Madie

    And I'm looking for a guy who cares about me and hugs me

    Not someone who gives me

    up for his friends my # is 903-824-6301

  8. Guest27516054
    Hi I am a 11 year old girl looking for a guy who knows how to treat a girl well.I have thick brown hair(long)with red and blonde highlights.I have blue eyes and is skinny if you are interested just send a email to P.s.i hope to see you
  9. Guest24760126

    i is 11 looking for boy friend email me at ik it is stupid but my sister made my email -_-

  10. Guest24594212

    Heyy ima 12 year old girl im 5'6 i have blonde and brown hair...brown eyes,mexican but not too brown ahah im looking for a nice, tall, cutte, 12-15 year old boyfriend... :)


  11. Guest24228439

    i looking for a gf

  12. Tor Olav

    k peopøe stfu cant u f*****g see this thread is outdated!?

    Im NOT looking for a gf over internet!

    just stfu...

  13. Guest23968713

    if ur a 10 year old boy and want a 10 year old gf email me a

  14. Guest23114071

    hiya i am 11 and do you have facebook because i could look for you

  15. Guest22775361

    I 11 and a looking for a boyfriend

  16. Guest22775361

    I 11

  17. Guest22591428

    hi im looking for a single girl between the ages 12 to 15 im not a pedo look me up on facebook at theres proof on there btw theve got to be in the uk

  18. Guest21176899
    I could be ur gf if ur still looking for 1
  19. Guest20612052
    but not even im entrested in u
  20. Guest20612052
    im 11 curvy hot blond blu eyes popular did i menchen s**y any pics of u every 1s crush
  21. Guest20223051
    I'm from the Philippines too.
  22. Guest20223051
    I'm an 11 year old but I am not a peadophile Look at my facebook account to know the truth.Its Danielle Therese Abrenica.E-mail me if you want at
  23. Guest20200577
    Hey, i dont think tehy'l travel the hole way to norway. LOL
  24. Guest20193370
    OMG!; these people your meeteing up with could turn out to be peadophiles. er... yeah they seem like a little 11 year old girl then bam ur at the park,you may get raped and no im not joking about this. its a serious issue. god get a girl friend u know lol. there must be some one over then a flippin peadophile. GEESH!

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