I'm a single 10 year old blondy looking for a girlfreind PLZ????

by David.Watt  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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CALL 905-542-0504 4 more info...

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  1. Guest28248291

    Im a 10 year old bruttete looking for a cute dude to hang out with.

  2. Guest28159776

     Hi,I have dark brown hair and I'm 10 with brown eye's



  3. Guest28152810

    im single and blonde

  4. Guest28072940

     text  me at 334 524 6859

  5. Guest28043843


  6. Guest27905783

    i am 10 years old and want a bf.



  7. Guest27852900

    i would love to meet you y name is mariah i want to meet you

  8. Guest27852145

    how old are you?

  9. Guest27796562

    i would love to meet you! <3

  10. Guest27796562

    hi im 10 and looking for a boyfriend. i have brown eyes and hair. i love going on walks and i am looking for a good bf.

  11. Guest27736864

    im a 11 year girl with brown hair and hazel eyes you can look me up on face book as mckenna romack.

    i am looking for a boyfriend in danville,il

  12. Guest25029355
    man u must be rlly horny man. look im 11 but u cant like s*x chat with a girl. its not safe. but if u ignore this question heh then hope u like crudecuts in prison
  13. Guest25029217

    hi im single 10 year old girl with brown eyes brown and blonde hair my bff is Sami Heybl my other bff is Maryx and i have anotherone named Adam and Aaron and if you would like to chat with me online i have a profile on wooz world you should try it!! well lets  see i like funny and hot boys between the ages 10-11 i dont care if your hot or not i just like to be with a guy around the town of hayfield!! my fav. thing to do is play in a creek i aint afraid to get dirty!!

  14. Guest24903057

    I am single, blonde until dye hair black,write me back if we can hook up


  15. Guest24050764

    I am 10 still single tell me if we can hook up


  16. Guest21677444

    Where r u located

  17. Guest20435479
    im single blonde 11 years old looking for a gf blue eyes
  18. Guest20435479
    im single blonde 11 years old looking for a gf blue eyes
  19. Guest20435479
    im single blonde 11 years old looking for a gf
  20. Guest19881888
    im single blonde blue eyes and white msg me if still single or my number is 480-390-3921
  21. Guest19744390
    i am 9 years old. my name is shannon.krienke. if you have email or msn my email is and looking for a boy
  22. Guest19258730
    where are you from i am a single 10 year old i am a brunnett with blue eyes

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