Im 5 MONTHS pregnant .im absoutely so scared HELP.

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when i was pregnant i was and my EX had used a condom but after we had s*x my EX just notice the condom was bursted.i cryed and i was so worried i didnt no what to do.but i waited until my period was due and i missed it.i got so worried at that point and i wasnt waiting any longer so then i bought 2 pregnancy tests with my ex to be sure and there where both positive.i felt so sick and so upset.but at that time my ex was my boyfriend but then when i was only 3 weeks pregnant he had broke up with me for no reason and then he went out with someone else.i was so upset that he had broke up with me cos i was having a baby and i was in so much love with him.ANYWAYS then when i was 3 weeks pregnant i had told my mam i was pregnant but we did use a condom.i wasnt getting abortion no way was i. im 13 and im 5 months pregnant my ex is 16.but i need help i do im not sure what to do with this baby

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    you should keep the would be hard to raise a baby but you have your family there for you.its a experince to raise a baby it really is.but adoption or abortion is terrible cos abortion is your gonna kill the baby and adoption would be tuff cos when you get older and when your baby gets older your kid would end up looking for there birth mom and adoption is terrible it really is i would never give a baby up for 14 but still adoption is terrible i no it is cos my cousin was adopted when she was couple months old but now she is 15 and she is trying to look for her birth mom and its hard on her she cry's everyday of it she always says i wish i was never yeah keep the baby.good luck with things:)
  2. Guest19120770
    your only 13 wow thats like shocking cos like your only a kid yourself.but like things can happen.if your STUPID EX boyfriend had off put the condom on right that it couldnt of burtsed then this wouldnt off happend in the first place.but well done to you and your boyfriend to actually use a condom but you still got and your ex boyfriend should of at least checked the condom to see was it on right but instead yee got just did it and then when yee had s*x yee had notice the condom was burtsed.thats why you should put a condom on slowy no rush and check it before you have s*x but its too late now your 5 months pregnant.anyways im a mother of 1 which im 20 and like to be honest its the worst thing ever labour is i would never ever go through it again not in million years would god help you your only 13 and you are gonna go through h**l you are gonna experince a big thing at such a lil age but its not your falut hun.your mom will be there every step of the way im your stupid ex boyfriend goes around looking for girls instead of looking after you why your 5 months pregnant with his baby.but hun dont feel bad as you are gonna be a single mom cos im a single mom too and to be honest your better of without a boyfriend in life cos they would presure you and make you stressed out alot more than look after there kid. so best of luck with every thing hun :)

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