Im 39 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to go for urinatationfor every after 15 minutes?

by Guest4866  |  11 years, 4 month(s) ago

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I have to go an empty my bladder every 15 minutes...or else I will go on myself and sometimes I still do...I cant stop it, it just comes on its this normal.. I have also dilated to 2 centimeters...can walking help me have him now...

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  1. James Augustus

    It is better to contact your doctor. He is better position to advise you.

    It does not sound normal to go for urination after every 15 minutes. Go to your doctor as soon as possible.

  2. Mitchel

    It is a sign of early labour, because its not just pee, i think you should follow these steps to know, the true reason of all this. First, just lie down, so that baby's head is uncorked. if it is your water it will leak more as you sit up again. If it smells like ammonia it is pee, but if it smells kind of sweet, it is amniotic fluid. Call your doc- they will have you come in. Take your bags with you, because you will probably be delivering today.

  3. Guest226
    oh yeah, i peed on myself every day when i was in my 3rd trimester... You might want to wear a maxi pad. Couching, laughing & talking loud is what used to make me do it.
  4. Guest671
    I have to agree with Lisa are you sure your water didn't break. maybe you should call you doctor just to be sure.
  5. Guest6824
    It's normal to pee on yourself during pregnancy But with you just noticing it today you might want to contact you doctor and make sure that your water's not leaking I lost mine somewhere in the end of my pregnancy and did not realize it my son had only a small amount of fluid when i went into labor and with the contraction it was putting stress on him so i ended up having an emergency c-section. So i would say better safe then sorry.
  6. Guest3642
    oh i remember those days . completely normal . the baby is pushing on your bladder . i would pee myself (tinkle) when i laughed or sneezed , coughed . like others have posted i wore a maxi , especially when shopping , b/c you just never know when the urge is going to hit . walking will help get him here , or if it's possible , a little "lovin" time from your other . good luck and congrats ahead of time .
  7. Guest3508
    Yes it is normal. As the baby drops it sits more on your bladder pressing urine out. But make sure its urine and not amniotic fluid.
  8. Guest9626
    I was 4 cm and walked for a week, the day I decided to give up on walking...2am the contractions begin! 41 weeks! I have found that after 3 kids I to this day even when not pregnant sometimes have some trouble with "holding it".
  9. Guest7839
    me and my best friend both had that problem our baby were just really low so they sat right on top of our bladder and my doc said it was normal and as far as walking i try it it never worked for me i tryed even thing, walking up step sitting in a massage chair for hours mowing the lawn on a riding lawn mower, raspberry leaf tea, s*x it never work but you can try i was dilated to a 4 and still had to be indust cause i never when in to labor so good luck to you.
  10. Guest4870
    i think that since the baby is very low, he/she puts a lot more pressure on your bladder making you empty your bladder more frequently. But make sure its not amniotic fluid that comes out when your water brakes. I think that the best thing to do right now is to call your doctor and share with him/her your concerns, especially if you start getting any contractions. Oh, yes i think that walking does help a lot because gravity helps bring him down while walking. Hope this helps.
  11. Guest8425
    You need to be doing your kegels and continue after the baby is born - this will help you strengthen your pelvic floor.

    Make sure it's not leaking amniotic fluid too (smells sweet) - maybe your water is broken and you have a slow leak???

    Good Luck!
  12. Guest7231
    Completely normal. my last week or two of my first pregnancy i did the same will all be over soon and you will have to change someone elses diaper!
  13. Guest2949
    I leaked urin from my 38th week on to my 41 week. I even thought my water broke one time but no . . . I just peed myself lol. It is hard to tell if your water is breaking or not. Mine broke in the middle of the night. I went to the bathroom and went pee. It just kept comming out in spirts though. I would sit there then I dribble . . .dribble . . . dribble. I assumed my bladder should have been emptied after about 10 min. of this. I layed down in my bed and it still kept happening. I woke my husband up and I told him that I think my water is breaking. His sister was there that night and I woke her up to tell her. She just put a cloth on the ground and had me sit on it for a while to see how much was comming out and if it was urin or my water breaking. All at once, I felt this big gush of water and I was soaked. About 12 hours later, my beautiful son, Hayden was born. Soon after my water gushed I started getting contractions. I think you should call your doctor to make sure, though. Good luck!

    P.S. Walking is suppose to help but it never did for me.
  14. Guest2943
    It is very normal. I would sneeze in the house, pee, change, go to leave, get in the car, cough or sneeze, pee, go back in and change again. lol

    You can try walking. It will help bring him down hopefully.

    God Bless
  15. Guest8624
    You might have had your water break. Call your dr.
  16. Guest5503
    try doing kegel exercises, strengthen those pelvic muscles! It will help with the incontinence, and also with labor. But yes, completely normal!
  17. Guest2277
    Are you sure its urine and not your water having broke? Amniotic fluid has a sweet smell in comparison.
  18. Guest3154
    I had to wear depends my last few weeks because I kept wetting myself here and's because the baby is pushing on your bladder
  19. Guest3578
    Yes, I couldn't even get to the mall which is only 5 minutes away without needing to pee because of the bouncing. It'll be over soon!!!
  20. Guest7139
    Yes, walking helps alot. Peeing frequently is normal. He's probably pushing on your bladder alot.

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