Im 12, I really like this boy who is the same age but he is popular....

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Im 12, I really like this boy who is the same age but he is popular....

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  1. Guest28113399

    im 12 almost 13 in like a month and ughh I hate when people say "popular" there not popular the only reason they are is caz u say they are .... im 12 but don't act it honestly I think most 12 year olds act to childish plus I look a lot older haha ... my bf is a year older than me in 8th grade im in 7th and he was "popular" according to his friends and every girl wanted him and ye.. now he is home schooled and all mine the guy us prob pretty chill ..go talk to him or something .... he prob likes you idk ughh yolo swag sweg white girls starbucks uggs idk buy him a whale or something he will smile or buy him a unicorn and bring it to school and tell him u love him and don't give 2 sh**s what populars think!!!! your welcome

  2. Guest27893457
    Be yo self and don't be sloppy be neat fix your clothes and wear little make-up
  3. Guest25014436

    :3 Me having same problem onley one problemo

    Hes not popular (thats not the problem)

    He said when we are playing turth or dare....

    he likes blondes not brunttes

  4. Guest24986208

    so ur probably in middle school,eh? ha! its okay to date at that age just don't get pregnant and have babies while you ARE still a baby! lol well the best thing you can do if you really want a guy is to be yourself and don't change.if he doesnt like you for you,his loss...

  5. Guest24984990

    im 12 and a girl too and i like some one  who is popular to   just dont go asking him out to quick if thats what you want to do because my friend did that and the boy was so mean on his facebook just saying

  6. ainimeiq1

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  7. Guest24958424

    talk to him and see if he likes you you know just distinctive questions like do u like anyone

  8. Guest23203229

    well i was going out with this boy and then i found him and my best frind kissing. hope this doesn't happen to you :)

  9. Guest23004052

    Ew! Leave him alone! Girls are gross! They have cooties and stuff

  10. Guest22729443

    i really like this boy too but he is going out wid one of my best friends but i cant stop thinkng about him and i think he likes me to but i dont know wat to do about my best friend xx hope every thing works out for u oh and i am 12 too : )

  11. Guest22720427

     I'm 12 wat is this?

  12. Guest22605493

    im 12 and what is this?

  13. Guest21553049
    I'm 12 and I GET this.
  14. Guest20356701
    im 12 years old and what is this?
  15. Guest19882871
    I'm 12 and what is this
  16. Guest17597162
    well i was like that but i was bestfriends with one really popular girl and this really hot boy called Dom (who is really popular) kept looking at me and i werent sure if he liked me or he was looking at my friend. My friend Danielle spoke to him and he said i really like your friend. Im going to talk to her. And he did. Weve been dating for about 2 months now and he knows my family and i know his and im so glad it happend just wait and flirt but not a lot. by the way im 12 aswell, good luck just wait for him x:)
  17. Guest16509332
    well start like talking to him for a while an try to get popular
  18. Guest14600367
    I'm 12 but am a boy don't act cute and innocent be yourself but if you make friends with the popular girls boys will like you more when you act cute they call you a freak and will tease you for life that's what happened to me I asked this girl out tryed to act cool now I am being bullied and iam am smart and have a big head so iam hating the girls at my school so if you fail leave him alone then have another go a few weeks later GOOD LUCK
  19. Guest14486383
  20. Guest14374964
  21. Guest14330361
    I'm twelve years old and what is this?
  22. Guest13938154
    It's fine. Just make sure that you're friends with his friends before you make a move!
  23. Guest13938154
    It's fine. Just make sure that you're friends with his friends before you make a move!
  24. Guest13245505
    Im 12, whats this?
  25. Guest13245445
    I am 12 and what is this?
  26. Guest12773211
  27. Guest12751677
    honestly you need to make a move. Im scared to but i know if he reject you then he a loser just be yourself their someone really out their who is also looking for you:)
  28. Guest12492673
    rape him hard and fast, without mercy
  29. Guest11782986
    Me too girl. In school he makes me care that I actually am not completely popular. The only reason I wanna be is becuz of him. He's my neighbor, so sometimes I get alone time with him. If u can get alone time, time complete advantage of it. Make sure he sees the real u and u see the real him. Make sure that when he's at school he still acknowledges u.. Becuz if he still doesn't think ur worthy, he's notthe one u should be with

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