Iam a twelve year old girl looking for a 11-13 year old boy

by Guest28211708  |  6 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Iam a twelve year old girl looking for a 11-13 year old boy

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  1. Guest28438777

    My new s**y private videos here

  2. Guest28424773

     Alright, what the f**k is this?  What the f**k are so many young boys with no dicks trying to participate in this one of a h**l dragfest? AND WHAT THE f**k IS A 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL DOING HERE IN SEARCH FOR BOYS HIGHER THAN HER AGE AND IS WILLING TO JUST DATE THEM OUT OF THE BLUE? GET THE f**k OFF THE INTERNET!

  3. Guest28424509


    i am a 12 year old boy that would love to be your boyfreind so send me a pic at and i am hoping you know waht kind of a pic i mean ;)


  4. Guest28331911

     I an 14 looking for a girlfriend and will be happy to be your girlfriend I an a farmer and am tall with black hair so text me at (570) 877-5552

  5. Guest28331866

     I am 14 years old and am

    for girl friend so text me if you want (570) 877-5552

  6. Guest28309528

     Sup im 13 lookin for a girl call me at 1-336-554-6803



  7. Guest28306157

    Hi im a 11 year old guy and I have about 8 girls who have crushes on me except I dont like them. My phone number is 661-548-3740.

  8. Guest28269016
    hi mynames cody and im 13. Call or text 8638384206
  9. Guest28267638

     I'm 13 here is my Emai

  10. Guest28267590

     Geust28261403 why are you trying to date a minor to ducking perverted that's nasty and to be honest I get a ominous feeling from you nasty a*s

  11. Guest28266990

     i am 13 i am nice and handsome

  12. Guest28264343

     What country do you live in

  13. Guest28261403

     Hello, how would you like to date a 24 year old guy instead? We can have so much more fun. Email me at

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