IS anyone interested in adopting in just a few months? a caucassion newborn girl? if so contact me

by Guest6023773  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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i just want to do whats right

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  1. Guest25004645

    Hi, if you are still considering adoption.  My husband and I are not able to have anymore children due to the complications in my last pregnancy.  We wish for another child to add to our familily and give our child we have a sibling.  If you are interested in us email us whiterose  We live in a medium size town in a nice neighboorhood with a HUGE fenced yard.  We have 2 boston terrier dogs MAX and DEXTER.  And my husband is 35 and I am 33.  If you want to know anymore about us email us and ask we don't mind.


  2. lyls19

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  3. Guest24918483

    Hi there My name is Amanda. I am a married mother of one already adopted child. I would like to know some more info about the birth and where you are located. We have been wanting to add a little girl to our family our son has requested one lol.I live in Alberta Canada and I don't know much about international adoptions if thts is the case. Please reply to me at thank you kindly

  4. Guest24917702

    my wife am

    nd i spent so much money tring to have a baby but no luck we would love to adopt your daughter

  5. Guest24603595
    My wife and I have been through a rough year with invetro fertilization which didn't work were both 34 years old we would like to have a baby In our family
  6. Guest23253885

    those who are interested in international adoptions should check here rather than fighting over a child who's health is unknown

  7. Guest22916999

    My husband and I would love to adopt your baby. E-mail me with more information.

  8. menzied

    HELLO  my name is jamila I a 32 year old wife and mother .My family and I would Love to adopt your baby. I no This must be hard for you to do ,and your doing the best thing you can. My family and I have been trying to adopt for over 4 years now. WE have big hearts and we are looking to make our family hole please feel free to contact me any time we are will to drive if neede.( or ( or facebook

  9. Guest22650047


  10. Guest22648962

    where are you from? my fiance and I have been trying for 3 years. I have 3 children from a previous marriage. Oldest being almost 16 and youngest going to be 12 next month. We are looking to expand our love to more babies. We are looking to adopt a newborn. We would like to do this through private adopting. If interested email me directly and would like to discuss everything in detail with you. thanks

    Theresa and Brian

  11. Guest20899801
    i was wondering if you found a placement for your daughther , thanks
  12. Guest20805630
    Hi where do you live?? we have adopted one son already and would love to have a daughter to add our love to. My husband and I have been together for 11 yrs. If you are located in Canada then we may be able to adopt. if you are in the states we cannot afford 10-20000 dollars for a international adoption. please contact me My name is Amanda. I cannot have children due to emergency hysterectomy a few years ago. Thank you kindly for your time.
  13. Guest20532450
    My husband and I have been wanting a family for close to ten years now and it has not been a sucess. We are very interested in becoming parents. Please contact
  14. Dawn
    My husband and I would be interested in adopting privately, we have been together for over 9 years and married 2. We own our own home and have 2 well behaved young dogs. We have a room ready to be finished as a nursery, due to 2 miscarriages we have decided we would like to adopt before considering extensive fertility treatments. If you would like to talk to us more email me @
  15. Guest19133128
    These very handsome/ pretty 11 months old baby boy and girl need a very good and decent family/ home, here adoption is an option. Babies are very loving, healthy, playful and very obedient, i am not throwing them away but simply looking for a Good tenderly loving parents and home for them, adoption is an option. if you are interested, get back to me at ""­ for more information and pictures of this babies.
  16. Angela
    Hi there! I think you are choosing a wonderful thing for your child! My husband and I would love to talk! We love kids! I babysit all of the time. We have home study and tons of references!
  17. tk292
    We wuldlove to adopt, not sure if your bay has been born yet, but we are certified and ready for a baby. We are financially secure and your baby would have the world at her feet. I am a stay at home MOM and my husband is works very hard, but makes time for his family, please call us 877-897-2229 or email we are very interested and already have a lawyer ready to go:) Your aby will be loved unconditionally and have a secure happy fitire full of love waiting for her:)
  18. Guest17496186
    If the adoption is still open I would love to speak with
  19. Guest17373193
    My husband and I are interested in adopting a child. We are 34 and 29 yrs old. We are Christians who live in Michigan. Contact us if interested.
  20. Guest16632788
    yes please let me know if your still looking
  21. Guest14114862
    Hello, My husband and I are very much interested in adopting your baby. A little about us: I am 34 years old and my husband is 37. Due to infertility, we do not have any children. We are a few months shy of being together 12 years. In fact our anniversary will be this coming Feb. 27, 2010. Very happily married and looking for our little bundle of joy to complete our family! We reside in sunny Southern California. Can you please tell me a little about yourself i.e. age, your situation and where you are presently residing? Also, how you would like to handle the adoption? On your reply please ask me as many questions as you would like. So that we may get to know one another. We can also, IM, text, or in the near future talk on the phone. Contact us: Blessings... Aurora
  22. Guest13530866
    If you are still looking my husband and I would love to talk to you. please contact me at And if you have found a family please let me know as well. Thank you! Brandi and Tim
  23. Guest12481874
    Are you still in need? My husband and I are intrested please contact! shawna and dustin
  24. Guest6024424
    yes, i would love to!

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