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Please share the website to download the IELTS reading sample exam paper of past 3 years, I need an urgent response

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  1. Gabrielle Sudwarts

    If by chance you are opting for IELTS London training then need not worry about all this as they are excellent in preparing you thoroughly on each & every syllabus for the same so that can deliver best desired results.

  2. Pooja Barral

    Instead of inquiring for such stuff a better option will be to join in with a good reputed ielts exam training centre as they are the best people in giving all possible assistance for accurate preparation in reaching a nine (9) band score as it is secure, benchmarked and understood worldwide for international education & employment.

  3. Xpert
    Here is the Sample questions of IELTS for you to practice as well as to built concept about the IELTS question pattern for reading. for more info you can visit But this example is the most important one for reading. IELTS Example The failureduring the late 1970s and early 1980s of an attempt to establish a widespread wind power industry in the United States resulted largely from the 1..... in oil prices during this period. The industry is now experiencing a steady 2..... due to improvements in technology and an increased awareness of the potential in the power of wind. The wind turbines that are now being made, based in part on the 3..... of wide-ranging research in Europe, are easier to manufacture and maintain than their predecessors. This has led wind-turbine makers to be able to standardise and thus minimise 4..... . There has been growing 5..... of the importance of wind power as an energy source.

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