IBM Wheelwriter 6 Series II bottom of letters not printing. How do I fix it?

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IBM Wheelwriter 6 Series II bottom of letters not printing. How do I fix it?

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  1. Guest12702034
    Is there any type for code for this type writer.

  2. Leonardo
    try turning the machine off put a SMALL amount of oil on the large round rod running across the typewriter manually push the print head left and right a few times to see if it will loosen up. The problem is usually caused be drying oil you may consider having it serviced by a pro.
  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, The Selectric II had an optional correction feature, whereas the Selectric I did not. This worked in conjunction with a correction ribbon: Either the transparent and slightly adhesive "Lift-Off" tape (for use with Correctable Film ribbons), or the white "Cover-Up" tape (for cloth or Tech-3 ribbons). The white or transparent correction tape was at the left of the typeball and its orange take-up spool at the right of the typeball, and was changed independently from the typing ribbon. The correction key (an extra key at the bottom right of the keyboard) backspaced the carriage by one space and also put the machine in a mode wherein the next character typed would use the correction tape instead of the normal ribbon, and furthermore would not advance the carriage. The typist would press (and release) the correction key and then re-type the erroneous character, either lifting it off of the page or (if using a fabric ribbon) covering it with white-out powder, then type the correct character. Any number of mistakes could be corrected this way, but the process was entirely manual, as the machine had no memory of the typed characters.

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