I want to know about the background of Jenna Fischer.

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I am a big fan of Jenna Fischer, the famous American actress and Director. I have been watching her since year 1998 when for the first time she appeared on the big screen as Wendy Miller in the movie Born Champion. I am quite curious to know a little about her background just for the sake of my personal information.

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  1. Harry

    Jenna Fischer was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but was raised in the St. Louis, Missouri, a suburb of Manchester. She was the daughter of Jim, a plastics engineer, and Anne, a history teacher. Fischer only has one younger sister, Emily, who is a third grade teacher. Jenna started performing at the age of six, when she participated in an acting workshop taught by her mother at Henry School in St. Louis. It was a workshop also attended by actor Sean Gunn, with whom she grew up. Fischer attended Pierremont Elementary School in Manchester, Missouri, and Nerinx Hall High School, a private all-girls Catholic school, in Webster Groves, Missouri. She owns a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre, as well in journalism, from Truman State University, where she initially registered as a pre-law history major.

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