How to be a dedicated Ballet dance learner?

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I am a big admirer of Ballet dancing, I started ballet dancing 2 months ago, right now I am 14, but the problem is that i only practice 1 hour a week. I want to increase my ballet dance practice hours, from 1 hour a week to 6-7 hrs a week. I am currently living at Kissimmee, FL , most of the ballet dance studios located here, offer only 1 hr classes to the students. Can you help me know, any place offering more than 1 hour ballet dancing practice session?

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  1. Mitchel

     I believe, by simply changing schools and taking more ballet classes, one cannot hope to get good results. You should keep in focus the expenditure limits of your parents, that are they able to afford your constant school shifting, also do you have ample time to devote to ballet.
    You can practice alone, though it’s not always interesting to practice alone, but once you learn the ballet dancing technique’s you can practice them at your home. Just find a free space, which you will easily locate, then you can start your ballet dancing practice session any time you want.
    I would advise you to view professional ballet dancing videos, as by watching experts you can bring allot of improvement in your ballet dancing. Many professional ballet dancers improve their performances, by watching videos as the body movements are captured by the mind. As, a result, the human body adapts those movements with great ease. You can find great help and assistance from this online source:, you will find great deal of help from this online source regarding pointe work, turn out and stretching.


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