I want to Adopt a baby Privately in the USA,I have a attorney and my Journey is Breaking My Heart!

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Me and My Hubby are a Younger couple I'm 28 he is 32 We have 3 Children,The Children Who I love more then anything in the world are My Whole world They came with our marriage and I'm proud to say I'm Adopting them Right now,The Youngest is 5 and the Oldest is 8 ,I have always wanted a baby of my own but ,Due to Medication I took when I was 16 I'm in fertile ,My husband, My kids and Myself long for a baby,We are a very loving family,We aren't Rich Doctors or Millionaires that can by anything, But we take good care of are family,My husband is a hard worker and We have a Nice Home filled with alot of LOVE and RESPECT,we give Hugs Daily and Spend every Moment telling each other how much we love each other,I Personally feel that Money cant buy love ,Although I understand You have to have Money to take care of things,LOVE is something that can't be measured ,I'd Love to find a Mom that would be willing to let me help in raising and Adopting her baby,I seem to have found people in other countries that seem a little to complicated and makes me a little unsure,If there is anyone out there looking for a Loving family to help them in raising their baby,I'd love to hear from you,I think its important for the Biological Parent to be part of the childs life,So Open Private Adoption is OK with me .I hope to hear from anyone that Might have been in my shoes or has anything they want to say!

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