I think that i am a vampire..

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Please i need help. From over a month i can't stop thinking about blood. When someone got hurt or even just a paper cut and i smell the blood something in me feels weird. I am only 12 and is it possible to be a natural born vampire ?? Please i need your answer because yesterday i asked my friend to give me blood i couldn't stop thinking about it and when i drink a little i felt much better. And i must say that when i get outside under the sun it doesn't hurt me it just hurt when i look at it at the sun.

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  1. Guest17780889
    i wanna ask you if i am really a vampire should i tell my family and friends.

  2. Guest17780889
    ty for your answer i will keep looking up symptoms of vampirism and if i will post everything weird.
  3. Guest17775770
    yea u might be a vampire and yes it's possible to be born a vampire never let anyone tell u vampires dont exist because they do ur probably a naturally born sanguarian vampire but of course i cant tell u for sure over the internet just keep looking up symptoms of vampirism but its possible ur a vampire keep checking and good luck! :) hope i helped some! btw sanguarians are vampires that drink blood there are diffrent types of vamps to like the psi vamps agian hope i helped! :D
  4. Guest17764524
    pls somebody answer to me

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