What are Damon braces,how it is used.

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I want to know about Damon braces types and benefits for the teeth.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Since the introduction of the Damon™ System, Ormco has continually set the standards for self-ligation efficiency and quality. The all-new Damon once again redefines self-ligation with revolutionary clinical and aesthetic features that elevate the system to an unprecedented level.
    1. A combination of clear material and stainless steel provides the aesthetics your patients will love.
    2. Remarkably easy-to-use slide mechanism makes wire changes a snap.
    3. Ultra-smooth contours and rounded edges provide maxium comfort.
    4. Slot with four solid walls facilitates fast low-friction tooth movement with maximum control.
    5. High-retention mechanical bonding base assures strong, reliable bonding.

  2. Guest8165
    Its Damon, yes you can but you may risk breaking them off, rather go in to the office for this please

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