I started my period 2 months ago.... How do i tell my mum??

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I started my period two months ago and hadnt had it since untill yesterday when i got back to school after a school trip and realised i was on my period again... I told my best mate but she couldnt really do anything because she has not started... I have pads because my mum brought them for me months ago just incase i started. She knows it is soon because had really bad back and bad stomache ache over last couple of days, but my period is getting heavier as the days go on and i dont know how to tell my mum i have started .... Please help me

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  1. Guest16269093
    Go to her when she's least occupied with everyday chores. Say, "Mom, there's something I want to tell you..." Your mom may look worried, but don't get discouraged because this shows that she is alert, paying attention, and concerned. Then say, "I got my period. It was 2 months ago though. I wanted to tell you but I was scared." Your mom may say, "I'm glad you told me. Next time tell me when you first start so I can help you take care of it." or she may be upset. Whatever she says, you are not to be scared or discouraged.

  2. Guest16263512
    i would go in a private spot me and mom have a hang out room i would tell her then. hope it helps
  3. Guest16006243
    Just Tell Her.. She Will Understand, It Happens To Everyone Get Over it.

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