I really don't want anyone to kno i'm suicidal(that means I want 2 kill myself),but I just need help

by Guest27873231  |  8 years ago

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My name is Eliza. I started cutting myself in the 7th grade (due to bullying.) I am getting bullied right now, and there really isn't any way that I can stop it. Yes, my parents care about me, but all they say is to defend myself and to stop being a baby. The thing is: I DO defend myself. I've even hit one of the bullies hard (it was almost a punch), and they got scared for a little while, then they just kept bullying me again. & the adults at school don't do anything about it when they see it. I am friends with a boy that sued to bully me, now. After he stopped bothering me, and after we became friends, he did bully another boy, though. I got mad at him for a little while, and this other guy got mad at him, and he stopped bullying for good. If he was able to realize bullying is a life or death situation, and that his actions were wrong, why can't the others!? ARGH! URGH!

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