I need information to import car in pakistan

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I need information to import car in pakistan

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  1. Guest22717537

    if i buy a 4x4 jeep and then import it to pakistan and that jeep is 12 years old so what wud the custom charge me in pakistan??

  2. Guest21086606
    i just want to import car from london on disable what r the required terms and condition for it
  3. Guest14780371
    My name is IMRAN. I am Canadian. I wan,a bring a one 2000cc car in pakistan for own use not for sale. I don't wana pay any duty on it is it that possible i can bring one car with me.Please answer my Question Thankyou.
  4. Guest13146041
    i want to import cars from USA
  5. Guest11773410
    I am staying in Dubai; i want to send my personal car under gift scheme, Toyota 1800cc model 2007, registered on my name from first day. How much I pay approximately total custom..
  6. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, A) Your must have been abroad for at least 180 days to be eligible for the import of a vehicle. If you have an old or used vehicle then it must be registered in your name for at least 60 days before you return to Pakistan. You will need to show the following documents to Customs Authorities upon import of the car in Pakistan: 1. Purchase receipt of the vehicle. 2. Bill of lading 3. Photocopy of passport duly attested by the Embassy / Consulate of Pakistan abroad. 4. The registration documents in case of used vehicles. The way to actually import the vehicle and clear it with customs is as follows: In Karachi, goto the Custom House first floor and find the Group-VIII of Appraisement Collectorate office. Give the documents mentioned above to the import authorization cell along with your original passport. Here the staff will give you a free import authorization form. After filling the form return it to them along with the documents which are then submitted to Deputy / Assistant Collector in charge of Group-VIII for approval /signature. After approval of the import authorization form, the original documents are given back. The vehicle is cleared after paying relevant duty and taxes and filing a bill of entry through the Customs approved clearing agent. You may also do this at customs houses in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Quetta, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. you can get more information by clicking on Hope it helps

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