I need help with my Sears Tractor. Please see below, and advise as to what may help me! Thank You

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I have a Sears Garden Tractor (called a "Craftsman III, which I bought new in 1988. This last year it has had a problem starting. I would have to depress and release the "clutch / brake" several times before it seemed to hit the "spot" that it needs to "start'! NOW it will not start at all!! It WILL start, if I "jump" the starter solonoid, and have the key on. It runs well, but there is this problem with "starting"! There is a part (listed on page #29 of the owner's manual, Item #15, that is called a "SWITCH - INTERLOCK". Could THIS part keep it from starting? Do you have any suggestions? This tractor has a 20hp Onan motor, and originally came with a three year warranty. It has been a terrific machine. I bought a new 27hp tractor about 6 years ago, with a Kohler engine, and it has already "blown" the engine, and put a hole in the side of the lower block! JUST AFTER the warranty (extended) went off!! IT was a piece of junk, but the OLD Sears just keeps plugging along, until now!!

Thank you for any advice you can give me!!

Barry Wood
7473 Seville Road
Saginaw, Mn. 55779 218-729-7590

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  1. johnmatt

    I think there is some battory problem with your tractor i must say you have to get a advice from any good tractor professional they can only give you the best option and solutions.

  2. Guest27226362

    Is your battery good in the machine and have you checked it to make sure it is good? Technically speaking, there are a few interlocks on your tractor. The seat switch is another type of interlock and is the PTO switch. So make sure you have a PTO switch that works, so you can turn off your PTO before you get near it.

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