Name of the movie of a rich women in 1960-1985.

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I would like help finding a movie title, I am unsure about when it was filmed but my guess would be between 1960-1985. Anyway, it is about a rich woman who marries a man, who is also seeing the rich womans secretary. The man loves the secretary but stays with the rich woman for money. The rich woman eventually confronts the girlfriend, then kills herself. The husband then thinks that the girlfriend kills her and tries to frame himself to protect her. He then fakes his own death so that he may not go to prison and can live with the girl. However, the rich lady owned a trucking company and some of the truck drivers see the guy on the highway, and trap him inside a box of trucks on each side, then they run him off the road and kill him. Then since the girlfriend is running the company, she somehow ends up with all the money.
I hope that is enough info. I am looking for this for a friend of mine, he saw this money years and years ago in his country, but it is an American movie. This movie motivated him to come to our country and start his own trucking company. Anyway I thought it would be a nice gift, since it started his American dream.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There is a movie named Rich Girl and it was released in the year 1991. The movie is about a rich girl who lives in Beverly Hills and gets a job of waitress, she then falls in love with a rock singer. The movie is directed by Joel Bender, the writer of the movie is Robert Elliot. The cast of the movie include Jill Schoelen, Don Michael Paul, Sean Kanan. It might be the movie you are looking for otherwise there are some other sites which you can look up to for searching some movie that you require.

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